2021 Content-Kickoff

Is creating better content your new year resolution? Ready to achieve your content goals this year? I collected some tips and tricks that will help you to stay authentic by creating a brand-driven content strategy that supports your values and messages on the long run.

I have a course at the uni, Brand Values & Message Architecture held by Margot Bloomstein, who is not only the principal of Appropriate Inc., a Boston-based brand and content strategy consultancy, but also the author of Content Strategy at work. 📚

At this course, we learnt about the importance of brand-driven content strategy, which would definitely help you to reach your marketing goals in 2021.

🔮 See your future

Organize a short card sorting workshop with the main stakeholders and decide who you are today and who you want to be. This helps you to define the message architecture and prioritize your messages for the upcoming year. This process will determine the purpose of your content, and how it fits with your company’s vision, values, and objectives.

🎞 Have a theme

Creating a central theme for your content for a certain period of time or the use of an overarching framework that creates a holistic and integration organization around one theme or topic can help to develop your content portfolio. Therefore both your team and your target audience will see how all content you produces ties together.

Think about your content as a TV series – this approach can be also useful when creating an editorial calendar for the entire year – where all content (newsletters, social media, etc) is connected into this one theme.

🤍 Focus on values

No need to say that we live in a time when encouraging compulsive spending is not the way to engage customers. However, being mindful of the common struggles people face today will help you develop content that’s thoughtful and provides practical value to customers.

When you decide to build content around values that matter, you’ll also have a content strategy that creates an emotional response to your marketing efforts and we all know that emotions are the primary way to catch your users’ attention in the online sphere.

What are your main content marketing resolutions for the New Year?

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