Writing can be tough

I got a task to write a reflection-in-action post at the FH Joanneum Graz.

What’s reflection-in-action? – you might ask.

Well, I was not sure about it either but then I’ve a read a post from a more competent colleague of mine, Daniela, who happens to be a copywriter.
As she says it means

reflecting on something while in the process of doing it.

Therefore while writing my latest post about the new Google logos, I took some notes to remember the journey itself even after it’s done and published.
In this post I will guide you through my behind-the-scenes when it comes to writing a blogpost.

First words are fun

As far as I remember – even in elementary school – I tend to come up with the title (not just a working title) right at the beginning because it is the key inspiration that triggers my thoughts. When I used to work in PR, I was taught to write the title and the lead at the end, to somehow summarize and reflect on the whole article but I always did quite the opposite.

In the given example, the title was originally a comment I made online as I saw the new logos, and this thought has inspired the whole post. That was the story I wanted to tell in a nutshell.

However there are plenty of posts where I interviewed fellow Content Strategists, when I used a quote for the title, which was written at the end for obvious reasons.

Then I tend to write down a few keywords – not in an SEO meaning – which helps me to create the storyline. Just 3-5 words. It doesn’t mean that I always have the whole picture in my head, but when I do, I take some notes beforehand.

Post evolution – the more I write, the worse it gets

Cocktails sometimes might help during the writing process

That’s the hardest part.
An emotional roller coaster to me – always has been and always will be when it comes to writing.

I have this love-hate relationship with words from my early childhood (sidenote: I read and write since age 4) as I’ve always struggled to express myself in a way that made me satisfied.

I’m the kinda person who writes intuitively, even though it was part of my job for years, I’ve never learnt how to do it professionally, besides this study programme, in the first semester I had a course about “Writing, editing and curating content”.

I tend to write down everything that comes to my mind, and delete them back and forth.

Sometimes it works quite fast, sometimes it takes hours.
Sometimes I leave it and come back a few days later – that happened with the Google post mentioned above, I had to digest it, research it, and re-think it.

The most time consuming part is to edit and remove parts I don’t need anymore.
It sounds crazy but I can get emotionally attached to paragraphs that don’t really add any value to the story, so pressing delete can be a tough decision.

Publishing under pressure

I don’t make big deal out of publishing content.

Not like I am confident or satisfied with my posts, because I’m not at all.
I tend to press publish when I have to – deadline is my greatest inspiration.

But to be honest, I don’t mind coming back later, edit the post, re-write phrases completely if a day later I’m not satisfied with them. I don’t see this blog as a press release to distribute, rather as a living creature, a reflection of my current state of mind which of course changes.

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