Personalized Content Marketing: tailor-made brand experience or awkward stalking?

Recently I have read several articles about how to create personalized content without being awkward. We live in the era of Netflix, Spotify or Amazon when it’s an expectation to get the right piece of content to the right person at the right time. But on the other hand we are getting more and more conscious about our data and how it should be used by companies.

So when does the personalized content cross the line into creepy or annoying?

To answer that question, I collected the main takeouts of different articles: here, and here

Relationship before personalization

Research has shown that users are uncomfortable when brands target them using information they did not consciously disclose. Charles Farina says that you cross the line into creepy when you personalize before you have an actual relationship with and ask for consent from your users.

Transparency is key

A legal policy is not enough, people will accept it without reading through. Explain in simple terms, easy-to-understand language – how the data will be used to provide value to the audience, as well as how it won’t be used.

Have a conversation with your audience

Ask for your audience’s interests, questions, or pain points and then deliver segmented solutions that align with their interests, answer their questions, or solve their pain points.

“Don’t just take your audience’s data. Invite them into the personalization process”

Zontee Hou

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