“when I learned about microcopy I was hooked”

Content Strategy behind the Scenes with Grace Baldwin

To showcase the personalities behind content strategy, I chose individuals from all over the world and asked them about what insights and life experience they can offer the rest of us. This time I talked with Grace Baldwin, a young content strategy talent who made her way from Denver to Amsterdam to work at a SaaS startup, Omnia Retail.

  • What was your first job?
Grace Baldwin
Grace Baldwin

I started at Omnia 1.5 years ago as a Content Writer, which was my first “real” job. Before this position though I freelanced for 1.5 years and did a Content Marketing internship.

  • How did you begin to work in Content Strategy?

I’ve made my way into content strategy via content marketing. I like content marketing because it’s extremely strategic, but I feel that it has traditionally “stopped” once a company pulls a customer in. I like content marketing, but over time I’ve realized that I’d rather help someone have a great experience with a product they’ve already bought into than try to sell them that product. I’m naturally much better at providing guidance than trying to persuade someone.

I also really like details, and when I learned about “microcopy” I was hooked.

I started learning more about content strategy as a holistic field that looks at the entire user experience with a company, from initial interactions through marketing all the way through customer offboarding and UX writing.As a learn more about these things, I see a lot of opportunity in my company to create more of a content department that pays attention on all these fronts, and I’ve grown (and continue to grow) into more of a leadership role on this.

  • What was the highlight of your career so far?

Good question! One of the coolest things has been watching the field of content strategy grow and change, even in just a few short years. I feel like the role of content continues to grow every year as companies realize how powerful it can be.

  • What do you think is the biggest misconception about Content Strategy?

I believe people think content strategy is easy. There’s so much more that goes into it than meets the eye.

  • What’s the situation of Content Strategy in your country?

Content strategy is definitely growing here in the Netherlands, especially in the tech sector! For English-language copywriters and content strategists there is a decent amount of work.

  • What’s your favorite buzzword?

I don’t really have a favorite buzzword, but I hate the misuse of “utilize” if that counts.

  • Do you have any role model in your field and/or is there anyone on social media you find professionally inspiring to follow?

I like Laura Luck’s take on things! She was the first person I heard of associated with microcopy.

  • What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

“The day you plant is not the day you eat.”

Not advice, exactly, but more of a proverb.

As I’ve grown in my career I’ve come to learn that the best things in life require patience and nurturing, and that to set yourself up for future success you’ve got to plant seeds way in advance.

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